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Bennett Spring, MO population 130 (2010 Census)

Bennett Spring, MO is an unincorporated community. Home of the Bennett Spring State Park which has the third or fourth largest natural spring in the State with an average daily flow of about 100-million gallons. Bennett Spring is home of Missouri’s largest trout park featuring fishing, camping, hiking, dining and lodging. The Niangua River is host to numerous campgrounds, canoes, rafts and kayaks, and is a premier water attraction for outdoor enthusiasts. When visiting Bennett Spring be sure to check out our Chamber of Commerce members!

Al Samons Mobile Home Sales

11547 Hwy 64

Lebanon, MO 65536

(417) 532-2125

Bennett Spring State Park
26248 Hwy 64 A
Lebanon, MO
(417) 532-4307

Bennett Spring Inn
11525 Hwy 64
Lebanon, MO
(417) 588-9110

Bennett Spring Homestead Motel

11451 Hwy 64

Lebanon, MO 65536


Fort Niangua River Resort
84 Cat Hollow Trail
Lebanon, MO
(417) 532-4377

Gravel Bar & Grill
1996 Hwy 64
Lebanon, MO
(417) 532-7291

Hidden Valley Outfitters
27101 Marigold Drive
Lebanon, MO
(417) 533-5628

Hills of Thunder Pistol Training
25381 Meadowlark Drive
Lebanon, MO
(417) 650-7069

Lil Country Store
15970 Hwy 64
Lebanon, MO
(417) 532-2578

Niangua River Oasis (NRO)
#4 NRO Road
Lebanon, MO
(417) 532-6333

Riverfront Campground & Canoe
13 Riverfront Trail
Lebanon, MO
(417) 588-3386

Sand Spring Resort
1996 Hwy 64
Lebanon, MO 
(417) 532-5857

Sturdevant Acres Bed & Breakfast
24745 Hwy AA
Lebanon, MO
(417) 588-3112

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