Business & Community Development

  • Missouri Development Finance Guide Click on “Finance Guide”. This guide contains dozens of programs ranging from Affordable Housing Assistance of Family Tax Credit programs, CID, Brownfield and Worker Training and more.
  • Missouri Department of Agriculture Under popular services click on “Financial Assistance” to find dozens of programs including Beginning Farmer Loans.
  • State Treasurer Linked-Deposit Loans This lists a variety of linked deposit, low-cost loans programs available for small businesses, agriculture, multi-family housing and job enhancement.
  • Federal Home Loan Bank This website will lead you to programs funded by the FHLB. Included in this are a lot of community development programs which are geared for non-profit groups seeking grants for home ownership, home rentals – urban and rural areas. A very good site for many well-funded programs.
  • USDA – Rural Development This gives lots of choices for lenders and for individuals.
  • Small Business Administration This will guide you to: Grants, Financial Assistance Programs, Disaster Assistance
  • S.C.O.R.E. Business planning and mentoring
  • Division of Professional Registration
  • Missouri Economic Research Information Center
  • Missouri Department of Economic Development

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