How The Lebanon Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Castlewood Studios Teamed Up

How The Lebanon Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Castlewood Studios Teamed Up

When it comes to Lebanon Missouri, The Lebanon Missouri Chamber of Commerce website is one of the best resources around. Not only does it help local businesses establish themselves and get found by people in the community, or help visitors find the information they need about those businesses, but it also provides information about upcoming local events.

Most towns large enough to support a local Chamber of Commerce have a website already. They come in all shapes and sizes, from beautiful, sleek examples of modern design to badly programmed, underperforming drains on resources that are vulnerable to hacking and rank poorly because of their unwieldy bulk.

Most business websites tend to be fairly simple; only a few well thought-out pages are really necessary to accomplish the owner’s goal of attracting leads and aiding conversions. A Chamber of Commerce website, on the other hand, is a complicated beast filled with moving parts and high expectations from everyone involved, from the businesses paying for the benefits it provides to the community members needing a reliable and accurate source of information.

So when it was time to commission their website, The Lebanon Missouri Chamber of Commerce already knew they wanted it to be fast, secure, easy to navigate/update/maintain, and rank well in the search engines. That’s why, when they began searching for a web design company, they knew they needed someone with the skills and experience that could give them exactly what they needed; if they could find somebody local, somebody trusted, somebody that spoke their language and understood their needs, that would be even better.

That’s why they came to Castlewood Studios.



How Castlewood Helped The Lebanon Missouri Chamber of Commerce:


Castlewood Studios knew we had a big job ahead of us, so we got down to work. We created a custom theme, helped create the content, and did a bunch of other nerdy behind-the-scenes stuff that helped the website perform better overall– not because we were asked, but because we know how a website is supposed to be built.

Not long afterward, we presented the Lebanon Missouri Chamber of Commerce with a website that not only looked and worked great, but was fast, reliable, secure, viewable on all modern devices, and ranked well in the search engines.

In the years since we were asked to create The Lebanon Missouri Chamber of Commerce’s website, we and they both have been delighted to see the amount of visitors it attracts every month, and the amount of people that have come to rely on it as a source of valuable information.

It doesn’t matter what kind of website your business needs. From the simplest to the most complicated, Castlewood Studios has the skills and experience needed to give you exactly what you need– and then some.

Contact Castlewood Studios today, and let us help show you how easy and cost-effective your business’ web design, Internet marketing, and content creation and distribution needs can be when you partner with the right people.

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